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Vinyl Records made by West Records

West Records - Central Scotland Recording Studios - 1970 - 1978




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10" 33⅓ rpm EP

TONY HOWARD Only 25 produced

I have one copy


Tracks: Side A - Strange World, Grey, She Moves to the Fair, August, Afterthought, Poetess

Side B - Mrs Tavesham, I Saw a Man, Toyshop, Auntie Jessica, Thinking about her Eyes, Strange World Indeed!


First Record Produced


7" 45 rpm Single

GLASS UNICORN Only 25 produced

I have one copy


Tracks: Side A - Mail Order Female, Side B - Coming Around


7" 45rpm Single - paper sleeve


No copies available

Tracks: Side A - Call on Me,

Side B - A Woman Like You


7" 45rpm EP with Paper Card sleeve



The Mark Eton Sound

Only 100 produced

Sold out in a weekend

I have one copy


Tracks: Side A - Yellow River, Las Vegas

Side B - Say a Prayer, What now my Love


7" 45rpm EP with Printed Card sleeve



The Mark Eton Sound

12 JOSS MONROE and The Mark Eton Sound from West Records

Some Copies  available

Tracks: Side A - Sha La La, You're my World

Side B - King Solomon's Mines - Impossible Dream


12" 33⅓ rpm LP

BODKIN Only 100 produced

Sold out - was re-released on CD by Manfred Uhr - Witch and Warlock Records in Germany around 1000 CD's sold - has been pirated by others - see youtube

Tracks: Side A - Three Days after Death Part (1). Three Days after Death Part (2)

Side B - Aunty Mary's Trashcan, Aftur Yur Lumber, Plastic Man


7" 45rpm Single

TOMMY TRUESDALE AND THE SUNDOWNERS 12 Tommy and the Sundowners from West Records

A Few copies still available

Tracks: Side A - The Great Pretender, Side B - Words


WEST RECORDS began in a Home Studio in Falkirk - The first record WRE101 (a 10" EP) was made there. Realising the need for a bigger studio, Jim West searched around Falkirk for premises. Right in the heart of Falkirk, Bank Street to be precise, he found the Falkirk Aquarist Club had a couple of rooms and a toilet as Club Premises and that they only needed the use of the rooms for Meetings once a month. Following agreement and formalities this became the first studio for recording bands and musicians. There were no residences adjoining so no near neighbours to offend! Many great Bands were recorded at Bank Street - including The Bay City Rollers (before they were famous)! Hugh Nicholson of Blue - Marmalade - The Poets. Cat Violet a local 4 piece

Still searching for slightly larger premises Jim kept looking and identified a number of empty properties owned by Falkirk Council. The Deputy Town Clerk (Robin ??) at the time must have been sympathetic to the cause as eventually he identified a set of run down "rooms and kitchens" which required "upgrading".

6a - 12a Canal Street, Camelon, Falkirk was to become a new larger studio. Planning permission was sought to knock 4 rooms into the studio and through the 3 foot thick wall and adjoining room would be the Control Room and so "Central Scotland Recording Studios" was born!

In recent Years a number of musicians I recorded way back then have been in touch to ask about recordings I did then. Well it so happens I still have tapes of many of these - so far - unreleased material! I am currently in contact with Richard (Dickie) Dow who lived in Falkirk and now lives in Australia - he can't believe his luck that I still have the tapes of most of the original recordings he did with various bands - Aardvark, Thrush and Susan Ram. He backed the late great singer Tam White on a track called The Knights of Bushido.

This song was written by a local singer songwriter Donald Cameron. Donald sadly passed away many years ago. He was a Student at Glasgow College of Music and a prolific writer of original songs and music. Like Hugh Nicholson he regularly used my facility to record new songs.

My plan is to digitise these tapes and upload them to the web for posterity. I was thinking of monetising them on various music sites that get small payments etc. It costs money to set it up but once up might be self financing.

Another area I got involved with was Esperanto - it is not that I was a language enthusiast - but I was looking for a niche. I met a Great Man - William Auld - type that name into Google and see what comes up! Bill was a Worldwide known expert in Esperanto - We produced a 7" EP of his Poems and this got marketed to Esperanto Organisations around the World. A few other records followed. I intend to add a new page detailing those here shortly - KREA-SONO RECORDS was the new label for Esperanto Records

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