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Frequently Asked Questions about EPSON Chip Resetting and refilling

Questions about refilling inkjet and toner cartridges - Can I refill?


Q. Can I refill HP 364 chipped cartridges?

A. Yes you can refill these - My belief is that they are based on a Canon design  (Canon make all the printer engines for HP laser Printers so it is not surprising that they might get an existing Canon inkjet rebadged etc) The cartridges look very similar in shape / size etc but you cannot get the Canon to fit - we tried!
For refilling the only thing we do not have is chips or a Chip Resetter - like the Canon's of the same design you can still refill and carry on using the existing chip(s) - The Canons come up with a message asking you to confirm that you want to continue with a "refilled cartridge"
This may no
appear a perfect solution to you - but I suspect that nothing else will be available for refillers for some time
A Full set of Original XL's cost close to 80 and I can't see the point of the "Standard Yield" as they undoubtedly will cost more to run
There are some compatibles appearing which don't have the chips fitted - you have to take the chip(s) off the originals and use them on the compatibles. Doing this you will still get the messages on the screen.
So that is as much as I can tell you as of today - you can refill and we have the matching inks and the refill method and tools etc - just you have to suffer the confirmation message - I believe it comes on every time that you do a print job.

Q. Which printers/cartridges does the Epson 7 Pin Chip Resetter work with. How do I make sure?

A. Take a look at the list of printers we have listed on our Epson Chip Resetter page and check that your printer/cartridge is listed. 

Q. Will Resetters work with chips on compatible makes of cartridges?

A. Possibly, however, because of the different technology used in the non-original makes of chips (Different from each other and different from the original Epson branded chip) there is no guarantee given that it will. The JY268 Universal resetter is designed to successfully reset Epson original chips. If it works with a compatible chip then call it a bonus!

Q. When do I need to replace the internal battery?

A. The answer should be never as the unit is expected to reset chips 1000 plus times 

Q. I have one of the following printers - Epson C70, C70 plus, C80, C82, Photo 950, 960, 2100, 2200 - what are your recommendations?

A. Many Resetters will NOT reset these chips - however, with the 7 Pin Chip Resetter (click here) they can be reset. The Epson cartridges use pigment inks and because the Epson cartridge is designed to work best with this type of ink we recommend that you use it to refill the Epson bodies 

If you want pigmented inks for this range of printers (including the 2100 and 2200 printer) then we can supply this from stock. Click here for pigmented inks

Q. How many times can I refill and reset my carts?

A. The chips can be reset thousands of times, but we recommend 5-10 refills then purchase new cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions about Inkjets

Can I refill my black cartridge with colour ink?

Usually yes. It is suggested that the cartridge is flushed out with cleaning solution several times prior to refilling with the correct ink otherwise contamination will result.

Is it difficult to refill a cartridge?

No our purpose made refill kits are designed with detailed instructions and easy to use tools - The only note of caution we add is that it is best to refill a cartridge which has been kept in the printer and has not dried out 

How many times can I fill my cartridge?


It depends on the cartridge. Many cartridges are simply reservoirs and can be refilled many times as there are no parts that wear. Cartridges with built-in printheads typically can be refilled 3 - 6 times without affecting the print quality. This type of cartridge will wear out for a number of other reasons but their life can be prolonged by frequent topping up rather than allow them to run completely out of ink.  It also depends on a number of other factors.

Crucial among these is (1) keeping the ink flowing i.e. not allowing the ink to dry out in the print head. On the majority of non piezo printers (HP Lex Canon) when the ink runs out and the user continues to try printing, continued use can result in permanent & irreversible printhead damage. (2) Less serious but nonetheless important is not to leave the printhead exposed to the air. If an empty cartridge is removed from a printer the print head should ideally be protected from air by covering it with a tape to prevent drying out. A cartridge well looked after can be successfully refilled many times - contrary to what some makers say. To repeat again the key is to keep them flowing by "topping up" and not to allow the ink to "run out".

Can I use the same ink to refill different types of cartridges?

No. Each type of printer functions in a slightly different manner . As a result each ink is developed to suit a particular printer and has different properties such as the particulate size and surface tension bigger particle size and it can block the printhead - smaller size and it is not held inside if put into the wrong cartridge resulting in leakages.

Is the quality of the ink that euroink supplies as good as the original?

All our inks are made to OEM standards and are designed to perform as good as the original ink.

Will I save much by refilling?

With our Bulk Refill Kits you can expect to save up to 90%! E.g. a Lexmark Z13 Colour cartridge costs say 25.00 - Our matching refill kit gives 10 fills (cost 16.99) therefore refill cost can be under 2!

What do I get in a refill kit?

The refill kits are manufactured by InkTec and contains ink, the tools and detailed instructions for refilling the cartridge. The only other item you need is the cartridge from your printer.

Where should I fill my cartridge?

Fill the cartridge in a "wet" area such as the laundry or lay newspaper down on the surface where you are filling so that any drops can be absorbed. This is a precaution particularly for new refillers. Once you get some practice you should not spill any drops of ink.Typically it takes about 5 minutes to refill a cartridge once you get the hang of it.

How do I get ink off my fingers?

A mild solution of bleach and water will remove the ink. (ie 1 part bleach and 9 parts water.)

Will refilling void my warranty?

Printer manufacturers want you to continue to buy new cartridges and are concerned about what you may refill the cartridge with. If the cartridge is filled with solvents this can damage both the cartridge and the printer. An ink that is not designed to be used in a particular printer can cause the printhead to block. The ink we supply matches the properties of the manufacturers ink. Should you have a problem with the printer you should replace the cartridge with a new one so that the dealer has no reason to try and void your warranty.

Can I buy bulk ink?

Yes. You will save even more money once you have the tools to refill your cartridge. This is very relevant for those with a colour cartridges. As you refill these you will find that depending on the type of printing you are doing you will use one colour more than the others. As a benefit you can purchase a single colour rather than purchasing all three.

Is the shipping free?

Delivery is free for refill kits and bulk ink. For orders overseas please contact us for a quote.

I have refilled my Epson cartridge and have put it back in the printer but the "out of ink" light will not turn off?

Leaving your printer on take the cartridge out and re-instal it. This will then switch the light off.

What Guarantees do I have in dealing with Inkjet-Direct? is part of ProPrint (established last century - 1997) is dedicated to offering quality refill kits and   inks at very competitive prices.

Only premium quality inks supplied

Goods are sent the same day as we receive the order in most cases

Free delivery in the UK and only charge the cost to us for shippingelsewhere

The following tips are put together to help you with refilling and prolong the life of your cartridge.

Read the Instructions

It may sound simple, however, the instructions are simple to follow so long as you read them carefully. Many problems are overcome by reference to these instructions.

Keep Cartridges (with printheads as part of the cartridge) Topped Up

Cartridges with printheads as part of the cartridge will normally have their life extended by regularly topping up rather than letting them run dry before refilling. This is because the resistors that direct the printhead to fire ink through the printhead become exposed to the air when the cartridge is near empty causing them to overheat and this will reduce their efficiency or cause them to fail

Gently Shake the Bottle of Ink Prior to Refilling

To ensure uniform distribution of the pigment you should gently shake the bottle of ink prior to each refilling session.

Dried Out Cartridges

Cartridges should not be allowed to dry out as this may cause a blockage due to dried ink in the printhead resulting in streaky printing. Cartridges should always be topped up and if stored out of printer, the printhead (where it is part of the cartridge) should be kept moist such as occurs when stored in the manufacturers storage box. If you do not have one of these you can keep the printhead moist by placing insulation tape over the printhead ink outlet.

Recovering Blocked Cartridges (those with built in printheads)

It is sometimes possible to recover a cartridge which has a printhead that has blocked up. By placing the printhead part of the cartridge in a saucer containing 50% boiling water and 50% bleach for three minutes this should hydrate dried ink to allow the ink to flow through the printhead. It is preferable to do this when the cartridge is empty and then put a small volume of ink into the cartridge to test the print quality. This should be followed by inserting the cartridge into the printer and running the printer through its printhead cleaning cycle. Note that this procedure can only be performed a few times as the cartridge may be affected by the hot water.

You should also be aware that cartridges do eventually wear out and when you get a severe blockage you will need to replace with a new cartridge.

Pressure Equalisation

When a cartridge is refilled it changes the equilibrium inside and may need time to adjust. It is good practice to stand the cartridge on some newspaper for 15 minutes to equalize. This is often the case with some Epson cartridges which can take up to a day to equilibrate but are generally O.K. in less than half an hour.

Leaking Cartridges

NEVER put a leaking cartridge into your printer!
Refer back to your instructions and check you have used the correct procedure - take some ink out of the cartridge and wait until it stops leaking. Overfilling is the main cause for leakage. In the case of certain Hewlett Packard blacks pressurisation (see heading above) is important

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